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Adar Inspiration

Thursday, 9 March, 2017 - 1:23 pm

Smashing Successful Purimopoly!

The month of Adar has a very poignant message that we ought to take with us as a tool for the rest of the year. Haman thought Adar was the perfect month to harm the Jews. It seemed perfect. It aligned with the stars. For the Jews it looked like all doom and gloom. There was no way around this dire predicament. 

All this is according to nature, according to our limited human perspective. While this was the situation on the surface, behind the scenes G-D was pulling the strings and brewing a series of events that eventually brought upon the great victory of the Jewish people and the demise of Haman and his cronies.

Even when things seem down. It looks like there is no hope. Hashem is always right there behind the scenes tugging and pulling, putting things in place for a better day. 

You have the power to get through a tough day. You have the power to take a negative situation and turn it to good. Happiness is a choice. Choose it every single day. 

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