Let’s face it, to reach students one must first find the students. Between Florida Atlantic University, Lynn University and Palm Beach Community College there are more than 6,000 Jewish students on campus. What better place to encounter them than on their own turf where they are comfortable, creative and relaxed. This is why Rabbi Liberow, his wife, Rivka Rochel along with their children, have decided that in order to reach out to the Jewish students, they must first, move in with them. 

Well, maybe not with them but close enough. By opening a student center on campus and moving a close proximity from the campus the Liberow family is planning a grass roots and innovative approach at connecting Jews with their heritage.

“The programs that I have attended through Chabad have been exciting and welcoming and that is what has kept me coming back for more,” Tali (PBCC)

College students are looking for fun, excitement, independence and relaxation from their heavy class- load and studies. The Chabad Student Center is designed to bring the students some of the comforts of home, a little familiar love, warmth and a lot of support. 

“I love the atmosphere at Chabad, I really feel at home here and love coming. I want all my friends to join the great programs at ChabadStudentCenter” Alex (Lynn).

Going to college, moving away from home and entering a new place filled with new surroundings, new people and new challenges can be scary and overwhelming. The Chabad Student Center is the student’s home away from home. 

“When I arrived at FAU, I was just one of thousands of others, until I met Rabbi Liberow. He welcomed me into his home where I met Rivka Rochel and their adorable children. I knew they would help me transition into college life and offer me a place to spend time, on Shabbat and throughout the week,” Daniel (FAU).

The Chabad Student Center offers the students a place to feel like themselves. Although, we all come from different Jewish homes, the Chabad Student Center is open to everyone. 

So come home to Chabad Student Center `cause you're part of the family.