Leadership: Chabad provides the medium by which Jewish students can take an active role in campus and in life. Through leadership events and workshops students build their confidence and hone their skills. Chabad organizes events enabling students to socialize and network with leaders, philanthropists and activists and learn what true community leadership means.

Identity: Young adults seek knowledge and beauty of our heritage. The programs and classes offered by Chabad are carefully crafted to enable students to find meaning and direction in their lives.

Family: Chabad provides a home away from home for students. The warm, friendly and non-judgmental environment allows students to feel at ease, knowing that there is somewhere for them to turn for a home cooked meal, advice, or just relaxation.

Education: In addition to classes and Torah study, Chabad is an invaluable resource for students working on projects and papers, or are simply curious about Judaism. Chabad attracts many students from diverse backgrounds who all benefit from our broad range of programs.